[pineapple can reduce weight] _ of _ thin body is OK –

[pineapple can reduce weight] _ of _ thin body is OK –

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Article introduction

The outward appearance of pineapple and pineapple is almost same, but they still have certain distinction, former sweet degree tall, latter acidity is heavier, cannot excessive edible. But both is to have certain effect reducing weight. For trailing plants of opposite Yu Bo, because the mouthfeel of pineapple is better, because this comes as food reducing weight,be being used is idealer.

Can pineapple reduce weight

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Pineapple principle reducing weight:

Pineapple has first-rate result reducing weight really, all vitamins that it contains the place that amount to a person to need almost, 16 kinds original mineral, and conduce to human body digest absorb. Its secret reducing weight depends on its rich fruit juice, can very good acidolysis is adipose, ability is consequently daily pineapple of tie-in in food edible or it is pineapple juice, but scarcely wants edible excessive or be the unripe pineapple that edible did not pass processing, this basically has two factors, a dispute often goes to the lavatory the taste that reduces a person, stimulate oral cavity mucous membrane, another old dispute often goes to the lavatory occurrence albumen is enzymatic, if be opposite the person of albumen enzymatic allergy, can appear skin is scratchy wait for a symptom.

Can pineapple reduce weight

Pineapple cookbook reducing weight recommends:

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1, pineapple yoghurt

Raw material: Yoghurt of raw ingredient of 200 grams pineapple, 200 grams.

Practice: Cut pineapple flay chunk a little first, among them 2-3 piece leaves adornment to use, of the others with last film encases put in freezer refrigerant, take out next refrigerant the pineapple after, in be being put into mixer together with yoghurt sufficient agitate, till pineapple mashs, dissolve completely between yoghurt, pour pineapple yoghurt into the cup finally, put in small pineapple to serve as adornment can.

2, miscellaneous fruit Xianggeliyate drink

Raw material: An a pineapple of 1 bottle of red wine, 130 grams, orange, lemon, 1/2 brandy of a few apple, sweet candy, 10 milliliter.

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Pineapple, orange, citric, apple cuts agglomerate account, among the container that the; that notices lemon and orange are to take a skin pours red wine to take a top next, basis individual taste joins sweet candy He Bailan the ground mixes, join the fruit that has cut red wine together then inside, lid good cap is sealed, put in freezer to freeze a night can.

Can pineapple reduce weight

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3, pineapple dish meal

Raw material: Bead of man of right amount pineapple, rice, ham, carrot bead, lima-bean, salt and gourmet powder.

Practice: Put pineapple man and rice in boiler together, join right amount water to cook a meal, in putting ham bead, carrot bead, green soya bean in oily boiler next, break up fry ripe, join the pineapple meal that has cooked and a few salt, gourmet powder thenForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Break up together fry a few times can.


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