[abecedarian makes cake with oven] _ the first time do _ how to make –

[abecedarian makes cake with oven] _ the first time do _ how to make –

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Article introduction

A few him people can make cake in the home, because oneself make the cake that come, nutrient value is taller, and won’t add a few additive agent for food, he is met more safe, especially to a few diabetics, the cake that oneself make, xylose alcohol can be put inside, can avoid so diabetic, oven is being used in the home is best, so how does abecedarian make cake with oven?

Abecedarian makes cake with oven

Oven makes the material of cake

Egg 4, weak grandma 80 milliliter, oily 20 milliliter, young saccharic 80 grams, flour 100 overcome

Oven makes the practice move of cake

1, in making gallinaceous yoke and protein in two bowls respectively.

2, make protein with egg beater do not flow backwards, join next young saccharic hit to saccharic dissolve again.

3, fizzle out the egg mix is even, next with grandma, oil simultaneously agitate divide evenly, join flour agitate stage by stage again even. The clockwise wants when agitate, and cannot too fast.

4, the mix in falling half albumen candy yoke oar is even, the divide evenly of agitate of half albumen candy that falls to remain again next.

5, baking dish go up one layer oil, baking the oar with even mix slowly next dish in.

6, oven warm-up, put next bake dish. Spend temperature to bake 15~20 with 175~200 minute.

Cake makes a note

Choose new egg

Chorion should choose when buying complete, the egg with rough surface is newer, if refrigerate egg park freezer, should take out park room temperature to fall to apply all right again first before cook, what if need,must divide yoke and albumen depart is very clean when the cake that make, if the clip in albumen has yoke criterion egg white,hit do not send

Abecedarian makes cake with oven

Of albumen make a way

It is certain that albumen should be hit well using the container that wants clean had better be the tub laying an egg that stainless steel makes, oil cannot be touched in container, in cannot having water and egg white, cannot place have yoke, do not hit otherwise give good albumen, and when albumen should hit the level that also won’t spread albumen of convert of the basin that lay an egg to hit or use held dynamoelectric eggbeater to operate with the hand, should make protein to the ability after bubbling if put sugar beforehand,add candy slowlyFall in love with the sea

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Can make good protein very hard, and should make each place very even made confect just is met beautiful and goluptious, the quality of a material of cake also ability will be meticulous

Balance quantity wants accurate

The metage when making confect is very important oneForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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What want an amount surely is very accurate, because this can be the first pace with successful bake, especially metage is farinaceous material and solid kind oleaginous if use cup or quantity spoon,be very bad volume is accurate, have at that timeForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The level that must an essence allows will did a balance to measure, if still want to use measuring glass and quantity spoon to do a balance to measure first, that can consult conversion table will do, because be tumbler likewise, can be a cup of water, a cup of oil or it is a cup of flour their weight is not identical, if,still have farinaceous material deal under 10 fair grams, usable quantity spoon comes metage because of common metage tool, it is for the most part it is one unit with 10 fair grams, if under 10 fair grams the following, do not easily the balance was measured

The use of flour

All pink kind the Dou Yingxian before using with bolt sift out, get on flour park screen mesh, hold screen mesh single-handed, flap gently on the edge single-handed make flour by wave in sky in falling into steel tub, this can avoid flour to agglomerate not only at the same time by means of this program can make flour and air mix, add the Peng loose touch after cake is roast, mixing with butter at the same time the generation that there also won’t be little grain when closing can let an egg bake after carbonadoing, won’t have thick thick mouthfeelShanghai noble baby

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Dozen of law of butter

Freezing cream cannot be made, the rate that must be put below room temperature to make its bate arrives to press butter gently to be able to cave namely with finger beforehand before use so can, write down, no matter how drive time to cannot use microwave oven to come again,make butyric defrost, if really need lets its breakfast defrost be used,lie between water to heat the rate that the law yields its bate to be able to make to finger its cave, do not heat excessive, if let it melt,fluid shape is cannot dismiss will after the butter after bate adds candy to mix, just already can hit so that the pine sends, if want to add the thing of the liquid state such as egg juice or fruit juice in butter, must join the fragment that can cause butter to cannot be absorbed otherwise and presents depart bit by bit shape

Abecedarian makes cake with oven
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Material compound method

It is to should mix what kind of material to need branch no matter1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Second join and not be will all material is joined entirely, such ability make finished product meticulous delicate, when mixing flour and butter for example, want to fall the flour of the half reoccupy drawknife to mix butter and flour by next upgrade first first after agitate is complete join the flour of other in part again mix divide evenly, if flour wants to add an egg,also be same in fluid, if pour flour entirely not only agitate rises arduous, and material mixes complete meeting not easily also to the circumstance that agglomerate arises, still have even if join farinaceous material to make mix when closing, want to mix with rubber drawknife gently only close can not want too forcibly agitate, because such meetings make flour gives muscle, the cake that makes will be harder, the candy that dismisses the place when butter or albumen is joined also should be divided into 2-3 second join, no matter what anyhow does it is need patience and the finished product that attentive ability can have produced.


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