[drink tea party won’t constipation] _ affects _ whether costive –

[drink tea party won’t constipation] _ affects _ whether costive –

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Tea won’t bring about costive happening, the person that often drinks tea instead still can promote the absorption of gastric bowel path, more conduce to defecate. Often the dietary structure that costive person should adjust him, a few fresh fruits mix much at ordinary times edible vegetable, thisLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Appearance can promote the peristaltic function that bowel, also can alleviate costive happening. The person of chronic constipation does not eat acrimony excitant food, can accentuate otherwise of costive happening.

Drink tea party won't constipation

1, drink tea meeting constipation

Can. Constipation is a kind of common disease, a lot of people suffer from went up constipation, also know to undertake ameliorative from food, but a few errors in however a few common sense created costive food and drink. A lot of people feel tea can reduce internal heat is aperient, but constipation person unfavorable drink more. Because of teaShanghai noble baby

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Have convergent effect, drink much can aggravating constipation. But, constipation person must drink water more. Everyman drinks 1200 milliliter water one day, constipation person should drink 2000 milliliter, become these moisture 8, drink 10 times, can make sure alvine path is wet, conduce alleviates constipation.

Drink tea party won't constipation

2, costive pathogeny

Tooth of dietary element old people falls off, happy event eat the food with low careful broken bits, or a few patient pursues convenient save trouble, food is simple, be short of crude fibre, make bulk of excrement and urine contractible, sticky sluggish is spent increase, inside bowel motion is decelerated, moisture is excessive absorb and send constipation. In addition, because old people takes food little, food contains hot check low, gastric bowel passes time to decelerate, yi Ke causes constipation. The report shows, gastric colon reflex and the amount that eat are concerned, 1000cal is prandial can stimulate colonic movement, 350cal does not have this action. Adipose it is exciting catoptric main food, protein does not have this action.

Defecate is used to some old people the habit of time without nurturance defecate, it is normal to often be ignored meaning, cause defecate to reflection is restrained and cause constipation.

As a result of,the activity reduces old people certain disease and fat element, cause an activity to decrease, especially due to illness lie in bed or sit the patient of wheelchair, because lack motility to stimulate the movement with driving excrement and urine, often suffer from constipation easily.

Drink tea party won't constipation

3, clinical expression of constipation

Main show of constipation is defecate frequency decreases with defecate difficulty, the defecate frequency of a lot of patients is weekly little at 2, serious person be as long as 2 ~ 4 Zhou Cai defecate. Some patients can highlight the earth’s surface to be defecate difficulty now, defecate time can is as long as1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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30 minutes of above, or daily defecate for many times, but eduction is difficult, scleroma of excrement and urine is like ovine dung shape, and the amount is very few. In addition, have lack of abdominal distension, appetite, and take cathartic undeserved the bellyacke before causing defecate. Check-up is left next abdomens have the alvine Pan that puts dung, anus examine has mucky piece.

Old people exerts oneself to do sth. overly when defecate, Fall in love with the sea

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Can cause the change of coronary artery and cerebral blood stream. Reduce as a result of what cerebral blood stream measures, can happen when defecate faint. The person that coronary artery is not worth for blood may produce angina pectoris, cardiac muscle to straighten dead. Hypertensive person can cause cerebral blood-vessel accident, the rupture that still can cause aneurism or room wall tumor, heart adds mural thrombus to fall off, rhythm of the heart is wrong veryForum of Shanghai noble baby

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To produce sudden death. Because tension of colonic flesh layer is low, can produce gigantic colonic disease. Forcibly when defecate, celiac internal pressure is elevatory can be caused or aggravating haemorrhoid, anus canal is injured when defecate forcibly, can cause the disease of other anus week such as anal fissure. Ulcer of sex of intestinal obstruction of generation of the meeting after excrement and urine embeds a place of strategic importance, dung, retention of urine and defecate are incontinent.


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