[navel of ginger mud apply] _ ginger _ sticks – of navel _ action

[navel of ginger mud apply] _ ginger _ sticks – of navel _ action

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Article introduction

Ginger mud navel of apply of this kind of thing is to be able to alleviate abdomen is painful, still can recuperate intestines and stomach and be good at taste, because navel is of divine faulting acupuncture point,put1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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In, eye of our apply navel is to be able to avoid carsick and seasick, OK still drive is cold wait. Ginger is one kind provides stock to feed capable person excitantly, drinkable ginger water or apply ginger is OK drive is cold, and navel eye is the place that compares Rui Re, we should have been done nurse relevantly the job.

 Navel of ginger mud apply

Navel, also weigh divine faulting acupuncture point

Divine faulting acupuncture point, in hilum mid, in the center of hilum, namely our navel. This acupuncture point is had earth up yuan of solid this, answer this world to be saved, the effect with taste of gastric manage bowel, be good at carry, iron through medicine, the stimulation such as moxibustion, be helpful for adjusting of human body neurological, have endocrine activity, can improve function of human body immunity significantly especially, have Fu Zhengqu disease then, lengthen life delay year with, this acupuncture point basically is used at treating taste disease, blood of if abdomen of adhesion of urgent chronic enteritis, bowel, hilum is cold painful, woman is cold not be impregnated, postpartum retention of urine.

The effect of ginger apply navel

Recuperate alvine line function

Because dietary habit is undesirable, if often eat and drink too much, 3 eat are waited a moment without the rule, the alvine think that cause is disorder and cause enteritis, this kind of patient, can will put on navel after ginger is mincing, use ginger apply navel to be able to have the effect of remedial enteritis. Additional, the occurrence that eats to maintain and be caused too the abdominal distension, person that often perhaps have constipation, or it is to feedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Improve these unwell symptoms in order to pass ginger apply navel.

 Navel of ginger mud apply

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Avoid carsick and seasick

Take a car carsick, by boat seasick, this kind of problem is the worry of a lot of people all the time, and the happening that ginger apply navel can avoid this kind of appearance effectively, it is better to can compare the effect that takes medicaments not only, and still do not have overmuch side-effect.

Break up algidity

In the life, most female is cold sex constitution, in winter light underhand method is icy, can compare average person more be afraid of cold, in physiology period, regular meeting because algidity is overweight and cause serious dysmenorrhoea, shape of palace symptoms caused by cold factors is apparent… , ginger has first-rate dispel cold effect, the person that have these cold sex symptoms, can use ginger apply belly button, come the algidity inside dispel body, warm Gong Sanhan, raise temperature.

Additional, the abdominal pain that causes because of catch a cold, diarrhoea, have a headache wait a problem a moment, also can have treatment with ginger apply navel, the effect is very apparent also.

 Navel of ginger mud apply

Have the effect that fight cancer

Some turmeric element are contained in ginger, it is one kind has the material that fights cancerous action very by force, mix to skin cancer by oxidation occasionally the large intestine that azotic firedamp place causes cancer, having very pretty good inhibition.

Method of ginger apply navel

Material: Ginger 1, achieve can stick 1, liquor and white vinegar a few.

Method: Ginger takes a big, cheng Mei is cut after be being washed clean, use liquor graze belly button first, white vinegar of reoccupy 1-2 drop dips in to go up in ginger foam, companion all, put at navel place again, with achieve can stick seal can, but in the late evening 9-11 dot undertakes, after been stick, fall asleep directly can, the symptom alleviates somewhat can get off immediately, without delayLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Solution can be stuck again.


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