[the body converts a barrier is what disease] – of origin of _ pathogeny _

[the body converts a barrier is what disease] – of origin of _ pathogeny _

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Article introduction

The person that does not have relevant medicine common sense converts a barrier to the body this kind of disease feels unfamiliar, actually specific for the body changes an obstacle to count is disease of a kind of psychology. When because the specific symptom expression of this kind of disease is a patient,producing afflictive psychology, this kind of psychology produces afflictive feeling with respect to the body that can invite a patient directly, but cannot search quite again specific the cause of disease that causes ache. Brought the knowledge that converts a barrier about the body for everybody below.

 The body converts a barrier is what disease

The pathogeny

1. heredity

Because the hair cause of disease that the body dies an obstacle is unbeknown still, but undoubted it is one kind is had familial the obstacle that collects a gender. In a few research, one class relative also accords with the female sex that the body of about 20% turns obstacle patient the diagnosis that the body converts a barrier. This kind familial collect a gender to be able to get element of genetic, environment or both and collective influence.

2. character trait

A few research show female body changes obstacle patient to have common cause of disease as a result, mix correlation exists between society character obstacle instead, and to male patient character, the body turns correlation of ground of obstacle criterion more and angst obstacle existence.

3. nerve physiology

What the body turns obstacle patient is bilateral the functional obstacle of symmetry of frontal leaf existence. After the functional obstacle that is not advantage hemisphere forehead is comparedShanghai noble baby

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Of the ministry serious. The body changes the functional obstacle of hemishere of obstacle patient advantage to compareShanghai night net

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Health contrasts and of depressed obstacle patient serious.

 The body converts a barrier is what disease

Element of 4. psychology society

The blemish of information processing method may form a body to change blockSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Hindering patient and its biology relative with the body unwell for outstanding action in chief, the symptom does not have clear fixed position and ill rational give uncecessary details. The scholar put forward a body to change the gregarious model theory of obstacle patient, namely the patient changes semiotic body in the family regard expression as affection (like anguish) a kind of means, expectation the core member from inside the family there seek support and care.

Clinical expression

Clinical expression is a variety of, appear repeatedly, the body that often changes is unwell symptom, can involve any place of the body or organ, all sorts of medicine examinations cannot confirm have any implement enough of qualitative sex pathological change explains its body symptom, the commonnest symptom is: Gastric bowel path feels unusual, aching, belch, turn over acerbity, disgusting, vomiting to wait, the skin feels unusual, burn feeling, aching, urticant, coma, formication, skin stain, the gender reachs the symptom of menstrual respect. The symptom often brings about a patient to relapse go to a doctor and apparent social function obstacle, constant companion has obvious worry, depressed sentiment.

 The body converts a barrier is what disease


1. is treated commonly

Cure should take doctors and patients seriously in the begining1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Of the relation build. Should with patience, sympathize with, the anguish that admitted manner treats a patient and appeal to narrate. Should tell a patient he is meet with contracted a kind of disease, narrate a body to turn all sorts of performance of the obstacle to the patient with positive note. The doctor should assure to the patient, what prove without the basis body disease brings about a patient at present is unwell, and unwell likelihood of the patient and should stimulate about.

2. psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is main cure form, its purpose depends on letting a patient know the quality that has a disease gradually, change its wrong intention, reduce the effect of psychological element.

(Psychotherapy gives 1) support sex patient explanation, directive, dredge, the knowledge that makes its understand disease symptom to concern, to alleviating moodFall in love with the sea

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Symptom, enhance cure confidence is effective.

(Dug of patient of kinetic psychotherapy help comprehends 2) psychology the immanent psychology conflict of semiotic backside, to the symptom alleviate thoroughly effective.

(3) acknowledge remedy is obvious to hypochondriasis idea and the patient that has hypochondriasis nature, give cognitive correct is being treated, have long-dated curative effect.

(Therapeutics of 4) dark cropland makes the patient understands semiotic essence to be not serious, take the attitude that admit and suffers a symptom, to alleviating disease symptom, improve life quality effective.

3. medications

The body changes obstacle patient to often be metLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Have angst and depressed symptom, if do not have hydroxide lubricious amine to absorb depressor again optionally,usable small dose fights depressed agent in order to improve undesirable sentiment of the patient, relieve a symptom. The fights angst medicine to be able to improve a body to turn obstacle patient partly symptom of small dose.


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