[what is melancholia shape] body of _ expression _ asks for –

[what is melancholia shape] body of _ expression _ asks for –

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This is a lot of people a kind of some circumstances, the pressure that because give birth to vivid pressure,perhaps goes up in actuating pressure and other heart can cause melancholia. Melancholia is not a kind of good case its can cause rife bad influence, the mood is low, for instance self-abased, did not have fun at to what thing, sleep to be not worn, not feel like eating is waited a moment, these are depressed symptoms, depressed symptom is very much, detailed interpose comes below1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Carry on what is melancholia shape?

What is melancholia shape

The clinical expression of depressed disease basically has psychological symptom and body symptom two big fields.

One, psychological symptom group

1, mood is low. In time of the majority in a day cannot glad, or often do not have a reason want to cry.

2, interest declines and even lose. Carry to everything do not have interest, serious when lose original interest and hobby. He Yi of division of spirit of center of Shanghai spirit sanitation is sent

3, exhaustion of body and mind. Always feel strain, although do not work to often also feel fatigue, do not consider an activity.

4, self-confident heart drops.

5, self-condemned. Feel I am sorry family.

6, ego opinion is too low.

7, often think of dead, have suicidal action even.

8, thinking and attention difficulty. Memory and comprehension are reduced significantly, lose even, understand the word of other not to wait.

What is melancholia shape

2, body symptom group

1, sleep-disorder. What above shifts to an earlier date 2 hours when it is normal to be compared especially is early the diagnostic Morpheus symptom that waking is depressed disease. Some patients Morpheus is overmuch, but after waking up, fatigue feeling cannot get alleviating.

2, appetite drops or weight is reduced apparently. But some patients expression is morer than eating at ordinary timesLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, but without sweet feeling.

3, sexual desire drops. Sexual interest is reduced, the frequency of sexual life decreases apparently, turn over perceptual life even.

4, the symptom presents a morning to weigh the rule with light evening. The mental symptom of some patients shows a morning the heaviest, reduce gradually afternoon, achieve whack basically after dinner even. 5. The body is unwell symptom. Main in order to have a headache, feeling of ache of frowsty, dyspeptic, limbs is the bosom common.


1. cure target

The cure of depressed fit should achieve 3 goals: ① raises clinical cure rate, utmost reduces ill incomplete rate and suicidal rate, the key depends on comb-out ② of clinical symptom; rises live quality, restore ③ of social function; to prevent recrudesce.

2. cure principle

① is individual changeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Dosage of remedial; ② increases by degrees stage by stage, use the smallest significant amount as far as possible, make harmful response is decreased to least, with raising ③ of; of sex of the comply with that take drug full amount full period of treatment treats; ④ as far as possible onefold with medicine, like curative effect not beautiful can consider to change cure, synergism cure or associated therapy, but need notices medicaments interaction.

What is melancholia shape

3. medications

Medicationing is medium spend above the main remedy of depressed fit. Current and clinical on of a gleam of fight depressed medicine to basically include lubricious amine of alternative 5- hydroxide to absorb depressor again (SSRI, lan Heai of Fu Shaming of Xi Ting of delegate medicaments fluorine, Paluoxiting, Shequlin, fluorine, Xi Taipu manages Xi Taipu orchid)A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
, 5- hydroxide lubricious amine and go adrenalin shoots shell again depressor (SNRI, on behalf of medicaments article the Xin He that play a way spends Luoxiting) , go adrenalin and lubricious amine of particularity 5- hydroxide can fight nail depressed medicine (NaSSA, make the same score on behalf of medicaments rice nitrogen) etc. Traditional 3 annulus kind, 4 annulus kind because harmful response is bigger,fight enzymatic depressor of depressed medicine and odd amine oxidation, application decreases apparently.

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4. psychotherapy

The depressed fit patient of action of element of society of apparent to having psychology, in medication while often need amalgamative psychotherapy. Commonly used psychotherapy method includes to support a gender treatment of psychotherapy, cognitive behavior, human cure, marriage and domestic cure, spirit is kinetic cure, identify knowing and doing to be cure to had gotten to the curative effect of depressed fit among them accepted.

5. physics cure

Appeared in recent years a kind of new physics treats a method — repeat classics skull magnetism to stimulate (RTMS) cure, basically apply to light in spent depressed fit.


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