[the baby has phlegmy cough] how does _ darling _ treat –

[the baby has phlegmy cough] how does _ darling _ treat –

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The baby has phlegmy cough is commonner symptom, we should want to know cough has phlegmy processing technique, above all the heat preservation issue that we want to notice a baby, undertake patting back stimulative next phlegmy expectorate, finally is to make darling much drink water and attention indoor ventilated wait, have the symptom of phlegmy cough in the light of the baby so, parents should want to choose accurate method to have treatment, the infection that can prevent respiratory tract is aggravating.

 The baby has phlegmy cough

New student cough has phlegmy have clever court

1, pat phlegmy nurse

Darling ” cough cough cough ” when, mom pats a back via often can giving darling to pat, actually this is patted namely phlegmy the rudiment that nurse. Particular way is: In the clearance that the little patient coughs, let little patient side lies or hold a side in the arms to lie. Parent skill the five fingers is bent a bit, hold record of voidance hand fist, flap little patient prothorax reachs side bosom back gently. Pat side of left towards the left to lie, two side undertake alternately. The force of rap shoulds not be too big, should from go up and fall, by extroversion inside, ordinal undertake. Every side pats 3-5 at least minute, daily pat 2-3 second. The law that pat a back can make the phlegmy fluid inside little patient lung and bronchus become loose not only, go out side by side to big tracheal drainage, and the blood that can promote heart and lung circulates, be helpful for the absorption of bronchitic disease, makeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The disease can be inchoate heal.

2, heat preservation, not catch cold catch cold

If darling catch cold catch cold, throat of can aggravating darling is uncomfortable. The infant loses as a result of immune force, relatively the adult catchs a cold more easily catch cold catch cold, cause respiratory system disease, be like tracheitis, bronchitic wait. So the parent should make step of good heat preservation, notFall in love with the sea

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Want to let infantile catch cold catch cold.

 The baby has phlegmy cough

3, the cool boiled water that drinks 23 ℃ left and right sides more

Water is lacked inside body, can allow darling system inside ” phlegmy ” become stiffer, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Not easy and expectorate. For this, the simplest way is — drink water more. Especially the cool boiled water that 23 ℃ control, have to guttural ministry good wet treat action with physics. Much water cool boiled water can make sticky stiff secretion be able to attenuant, easy by expectorate, benefit at stopping1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Cough and make expectoration easy, be helpful for the elimination of local inflammation. In the meantime, cool boiled water still can improve haemal circulation, make airframe metabolizes1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The waste material that produces or toxin are rapid from the eduction in make water, reduce its thereby the stimulation to respiratory tract.

4, indoor and ventilated

All wind, breathe freely fully, temperature maintains inside spend in 18-22, relative humidity maintains in 60%-65% , mucous membrane of advantageous respiratory tract maintains wet condition and cilium of mucous membrane surface to swing, benefit at eliminating phlegmily.

 The baby has phlegmy cough

5, make expectoration easy is given priority to, use drug cautiously

Children uses medicine to answer special discretion, cannot take casually relieve a cough medicine, lest restrain cough centre to go against a platoon phlegmyForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
, drug can be used in doctor guidance.


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