[? Knock sth out of vessel is old can cure what disease] – of benefit of _ advantage _

[? Knock sth out of vessel is old can cure what disease] – of benefit of _ advantage _

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Knock sth out of vessel is old are the form of the sort of kowtow, a lot of people should have knock overdo, when dying e.g. the family member, we can go to and so on of worship on bended knees1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, the likelihood has some of person to be able to feel very feel embarrassed or very lose face, actually this kind of idea is wrong, knock sth out of vessel is old still can bring certain benefit to human body, he can treat certain and specific disease, the sort of the disease also has a lot of, so can is knock sth out of vessel old cure what disease?

Knock sth out of vessel is old can cure what disease

In kowtow on this thing, the scientist has detected, think kowtow is best motion. Kowtow is the whole body is being moved, I know to there are many people before, esophagus cancer, sweeny, traumatic even disabled, in Buddhist bethel kowtow, later the body heal. I arrive to had heard a lot of disease to suffer from greatly as a child, knock big head takes a favourable turn. At the beginning knock is very difficult, it is better and better to arrive from the back, they also are to get division leaves going up show, want kowtow to treat a disease. It is very difficult that some people walk, still hold to two slowly knock, improved one day eventually.

Return somebody to say, when just beginning kowtow, feel to roll in the stomach, spat dirty stuff of black and pus1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Blood. But rise from this day, the body took a favourable turn slowly. This kind of example is not little really, cured a lot of incurable disease patients. More than hiding the ground, in Guangdong I also had seen. Later, had asked a few old doctor of traditional Chinese medicines, Tibet doctor, they think consistently, kowtow is best motion.

Often the person of kowtow is disease of arthritis, old age is gawkish disease, won’t apoplectic, stomach trouble, esophagus, fatty liver, blood disease, diabetic wait for disease to suffer from. Because of everything the disease is enraged with our hematic arteries and veins

Knock sth out of vessel is old can cure what disease

Arteries and veins is concerned, enrage blood to be illogical namely. A lot of people say, after kowtow, meeting occurrence belch, give off the phenomenon such as the stink, give out heat all over even, arch, control, the top of head sweats. This is the body through sweating, the means such as relieve oneself is discharging foul smell outside. If in the home conditional, should hold to knock to grow a head. Calculate you not to believe Buddha, for oneself health, also can come kowtow. Of course, this kind goes for health kowtow, offset course of study and change cause and effect do not have what help, so best kowtow means, still want with the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist 3 treasure are a foundation, have the hair heart that different gets the better of, such attainable be born with worldly double benefit.

All disease obstacles of human body, it is cause and effect, bring about because of individual industry strength. If the recite scriptures in the mouth, body activity, bodhi heart is sent in the heart, carry these a few kinds of kind, oneself haemal gas arteries and veins is in activity, such diseases had been met faster. Assume him as it happens needs to take medicine, cooperate medicationed word, effect affirmation is better. This like self-invited conduit same, discharge the thing that blocking conduit up went out, water nature is fluent, at this moment reoccupy medicine, can make property of a medicine betterA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Carry the whole body everywhere.

I know the old aunt of a Tibet, be in everyday kowtow of big clear temple. See old aunt is being taken turn via the canister when classics, I feel her footstep is particularly lightsome, unlike is going, a lot of youths are not chased after on she. She rides from even everydayFall in love with the sea

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Drive a vehicle, the body is particularly healthy, had done check-up of many a time, doctorLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Say this is not the body of the old person. I still had seen nonagenarian 100 years old still often the old person of kowtow, when check-up, the youth that gas blood follows 229 years old is about the same, very mysterious.

Knock sth out of vessel is old can cure what disease

Here we must know the meaning of kowtow, itLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Not be superstitious, not be more to what beg, if thinks so, kowtow with respect to meaning of it doesn’t matter. Conditional person, still want much kowtow. After all now this society, have a lot of complex problems, food is insalubrious, minatory our health. If ourselves him get through hematic arteries and veins, can successful go to dirty stuff eduction.


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