Fujian tomorrow enrages the wet that greet thunder burning hot disappear to drop in temperature by force the day after tomorrow

Fujian tomorrow enrages the wet that greet thunder burning hot disappear to drop in temperature by force the day after tomorrow

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Now is Pure Brightness holiday the following day, fuzhou predicts highest air temperature will achieve 32 ℃ , ultraviolet intensity is higher, the citizen that hold a memorial ceremony for of arrangement Pure Brightness is swept should notice to had been done prevent bask in measure. Suffer next effects austral strong cold air, I save tomorrow to will greet 上海千花网交友


large-scale thunde上海贵族宝贝论坛

rstorm weather and substantially drop in temperature.

Will begin by day tomorrow, the much city that includes Fuzhou inside, will greet afternoon showery or thundershower, parcel area still has heavy rain to arrive rainstorm, companion of ground of thunderstorm the current political situation has Jiang Lei report and short when 6~8 class gale. Choose the citizen that go out one day this, had better be in timeline in the morning. And 8 days arrive 11 days, my province will maintain weather of overcast and rainy.

Accompanying rainfall, torrid weather also will fall next heavy curtain, my province begins to drop in temperature in tomorrow night, will阿拉爱上海同城

appear more since the day after tomorrow strong drop in temperature process. Among them, western, upper zone drops in temperature can amount to ℃ of 9 ℃ ~11, local more than 12 ℃ , southern area also can amount to ℃ of 6 ℃ ~9 in. 8 days arrive 10 days, I save air temperature to go low continuously, a mountainous area temperature with higher height above sea level of secti上海千花网交友

on of department of ministry of peaceful heart northwest, Na Ping north, 3 bright northwest 上海千花网交友

will be low to ℃ of 6 ℃ ~8.

Additional, gram of typhonic beautiful Sha is approached Philippine, typhonic intensity somewhat abate, but suffer its to affect, sea area of fishing ground of my province decharge has tomorrow class of southeast wind 6~7, day of 8 class;7 arrives flatus 8 days, complete province has flatus of 6~8 class northeast littoral, need to notice to defend.

According to atmosphere department forecast, arrive by day now in night, fine of area of the Fuzhou City arrives cloudy, 3 class control southeast wind, tomorrow of; of ℃ of 21 ℃ ~32 reachs air temperature by day at night, cloudy, have in night afternoon showery or thundershower, southeast wind turns slant 3 class control north wind, ; of ℃ of 18 ℃ ~29 will reach air temperature by day the day after tomorrow at night, shade has light rain, slant class of north wind 2~3, air temperature ℃ of 14 ℃ ~20.

And air quality respect, now by day, coastal air pollutes the south in my province one class goes to weather condition 2 class.

2 city empty temperament measures Fuzhou and fontal city fine, principal contaminant is quality of air of PM10; Xiamen city to actor or actress, without principal contaminant. The citizen that Pure Brightness hold a memorial ceremony for sweeps also should notice to protect an environment. (The sea network reporter Xia Yuqing)


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