Street of old person of 8 a period of ten days sticks scrip ” beg foster ” : Do not want to go beadhouse wants to have a home

Street of old person of 8 a period of ten days sticks scrip ” beg foster ” : Do not want to go beadhouse wants to have a home

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On December 20, first ” son immigrant abroad, 8 a period of ten days reside old person street to stick advertisement to beg alone foster: I do not go beadhouse, want to have a home ” video causes attention on the net. According to video presentation, the area opens south Tianjin an old person of 85 years old every months of pension 6000 yuan, scrip is stuck in public transportation station, seek a consignee, stay on scrip have connection kind.

Beijing youth signs up for a reporter to contact this old person Mr Han, this think of a way that he says himself comes from at the congener story that sees a few years ag爱上海同城论坛

o, and the son also expresses agree, but receive a lot of telephone calls recently, it is the good intention person that expression sympathizes with more, had not found a consignee.

Joint strip of old person of 8 a period of ten days looks for a person to adopt

This Zhang Qiu’s foster scrip is patted next uploading extensive heat is caused to discuss after the network. The content of scrip is: Body of old man of loneliness of 8 a period of ten days is husky, shop cook housework oneself go doing, without chronic, emeritus at unit of Tianjin scientific research, pension 6000 yuan / month, do not go beadhouse, the person that longs to have beneficent love and family are foster attend upon a dying relative of my provide for the aged, ashes of the dead does not want after dying, beg survive to be kind to only, young student, work the person that black prime of life has love of be apt to all but. The connection way of the old person still left on scrip.

On December 20, the heat that causes as scrip is discussed, somebody sent a paragraph of video for the old person. The old person says in video, he this year 85 years old, get mechanical design, begin a person to pass from 1984, the son went to Canada through technical immigrant 2003, still have daughter-in-law and grandchildren with what go.

After seeing video, a lot of netizens feel old person solitary is very pitiful, want to visit an old person, acc爱上海同城论坛

ompany accompany him, also a lot of netizens express to be willing to stop person of provide for the aged. In the meantime, some netizens express to pay no attention to solution to the practice of the old person, why the old person has a son to want to be adopted by stranger however, whether to have domestic contradiction rear? Also have netizen worry, old person year the work is expensive already, in case body of the back of a person be adoptinged gave an issue, old person son may picky.

The old person does not wish to go beadhouse

Beg foster party Mr Han to tell north blueness signs up for a reporter, he once also had lived a few beadhouse, although have,eat have, somebody is taken care of, but he still does not think beadhouse.

The old person says, a beadhouse that he has waited for eats badly, lunch one meat or fish one element, meat dishes does not point to the collop of 1/4 in one’s hand namely, lenten it is soup rise is worn leaf of a few dish. A month that the life can provide for oneself 2500 yuan, cannot provide for oneself to add 3000 yuan to nurse again cost, but no matter nurse,some collects fees simply, if dissatisfactory still get oneself to ask peasant worker worker to nurse, such my pension are insufficient.

The old person still has a son to be in Tianjin some hospital goes to work, but see an old person rarely. He has made investigation to local beadhouse, dissatisfactory, do not want to go. Hunan Mr Chen is opposite controller of some nursing home the idea of the old person very understanding. He says, the old person ever contacted him last month, the relevant matters concerned of advisory provide for the aged. Look in Mr Chen, what the old person lacks is close affection and domestic warmth, those who want is the beadhouse of mode of domestic provide for the aged, oneself nursing home accords with the requirement of the old person, but because different ground medical treatment is no-go爱上海同城对对碰

, the old person also fails to go. Introduce according to Mr Chen, the old person wants to let him do a small-sized beadhouse that occupy the home to Tianjin suburb, but he feels to go to Tianjin managing not actual, fail to promise an old person.

Profess to ever the foreigner is willing to adopt he

Mr Han tells north blueness signs up for a reporter, he just had when head of 80 annual expenditure look for a person to adopt oneself idea, but just begin to go into the street recently stick scrip.

Speak of why to have this idea, mr Han says, he sees on news a few years ago, dark blue city has a municipal government of many years old 70 emeritus old person every month pension 7000 yuan, through finding well-meaning consignee上海贵族宝贝交流区

in the newspaper, after be being adopted, live in Beijing, return travel going abroad to pass. I feel to had been held out, also want to look for a consignee so, pension can give him. The old person says, after having this idea, also had said with the son in the phone, the son also agrees.

Mr Han is recollected, he just came out from beadhouse 2016, be in Tianjin 713 public transportation on, missed adopted opportunity. At that time, he is in public transportation on encounter another old person that is the same as a village, when both sides discusses the issue of beadhouse, express to not be willing, there is a foreigner to had turned round to come before me on board, say to let me go with him Australian provide for the aged, can stay in his home. Still ask I want network address, but I had not gone up net, do not know what is network address, the mobile phone also can call only. Just should leave phone car to arrive stood, I issued a car to just regret, chasing after knock door other people to did not leave, public transportation far, want to take a taxi go chasing after also did not hit.

According to old person introduction, he was stuck recently later, get the telephone call of person of a lot of good intention, he very appreciate, but most person just sympathizes with to his expression, had not found appropriate consignee at present. Ten days ago, the individual says to want to adopt, I search after agreeing 3 days with me, if his family member also agrees, go legal section does procedure. But a few days ago I answer past phone, the other side just is listening, hum hum ground agrees, also did not talk. I guess a likelihood is the family member did not agree, bad to do, did not contact again.

A lot of netizens express, it is quite tall that every month pension returns the old person 6000 yuan, the likelihood has illegal element to borrow machine the annuities that fools an old person. Mr Han tells north blueness signs up for a reporter, this kind of state of affairs is not little also, but if the other side is not open-armed, he also can listen to come out, this kind of circumstance, I did not have say a few words to call up. Return some saying that want to see me, I let give me to call to public transportation station, some is not willing, some promised to also did not come. Returning some professing is a reporter, in straight fetch home, I should see employee’s card, the other side is taken do not come out, I do not open the door.

The lawyer says to be able to sign bequeath to bring up an agreement

About the old person adopted relevant formalities, boreal bluen上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ess signs up for a reporter to bureau of area civil administration leaves to seek advice south Tianjin, get responding to saying, adopting is to be aimed at the minor under 14 one full year of life, old people does not accord with foster requirement, cannot be adopted. To this, beijing brights judge the explanation of Zhou Hao’s lawyer of attorney office, what the old person puts forward is foster not be definition of place of civil administration bureau is foster, what old person place says is foster belong to character actually bring up, want both sides to be willing only, the old person can look for anybody to pay pair of price, sign bequeath to bring up an agreement. Bequeath brings up an agreement to belong to civil contract, restrain bilateral behavior. In the meantime, the old person still can ask children assumes provide for responsibility, because provide for obligation of children is legal.

Put forward to hope the person beyond the relative is foster to the old person oneself, in jural also can win support, zhou Hao says, both sides brings up an agreement to decide bequeath and obligation of bring up civil rights concern through bequeath, suffer at the same time ” contract law ” and ” inheritance act ” protection. Basis ” inheritance act ” thirtieth a the first section provision, the citizen can sign agreement of bequeath bring up with bring up person. According to the agreement, bring up person assumes this citizen to lay the obligation that raises dead bury, enjoy the right that gets bequeath. If the old person enters beadhouse to also need to sign beadhouse to enter an agreement, beadhouse needs to assume medical 上海同城对对碰交友社区

treatment to nurse, the life attends compulsory, bequeath brings up an agreement to be born mediumly raising dead bury obligation is a kind of life attends, medical treatment nurses, the obligation such as attend upon a dying relative.

Afraid to many netizens old person year the work is expensive already, disease of the ten thousand lifetime after adopting or die, can by old person son’s picky problem, zhou Hao explains, will tell an old person to want to sign this kind to bring up an agreement not to need children to agree commonly, but if want to reduce the trouble that appears possibly, had better agree through children first before this kind of agreement is signed. Mr Han also expresses, the son also agrees with him to look for others to adopt, notarization can undertake to notarial branch after both sides reachs intent.

Civil / Dai Youqing of our newspaper reporter

Original title: Street of old person of 8 a period of ten days sticks scrip ” beg foster ” responsibility edits: Cao Rui


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